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Senior genealogist: Heather Flanders
Member of SGNI (Society of Genealogists Northern Ireland)

Ulster Ancestors

280 Castlereagh Road, Belfast, BT5 6AD
Consultant historian: Dr Steve Flanders

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Parishes of Northern Ireland


Aghaderg (County Down)
Aghadowey (County Londonderry)
Aghagallon (County Antrim)
Aghalee (County Antrim)
Aghaloo (County Tyrone)
Aghalurcher (Counties Fermanagh and Tyrone)
Aghanloo (County Londonderry)
Aghavea (County Fermanagh)
Agivey (County Londonderry)
Ahoghill (County Antrim)
Annaclone (County Down)
Annahilt (County Down)
Antrim (County Antrim)
Arboe (Counties Londonderry and Tyrone)
Ardclinis (County Antrim)
Ardglass (County Down)
Ardkeen (County Down)
Ardquin (County Down)
Ardstraw (County Tyrone)
Armagh (County Armagh)
Armoy (County Antrim)
Artrea (Counties Londonderry and Tyrone)


Ballee (County Down)
Ballinderry (County Antrim)
Ballinderry (Counties Londonderry and Tyrone)
Ballintoy (County Antrim)
Ballyaghran (County Londonderry)
Ballyclog (County Tyrone)
Ballyclug (County Antrim)
Ballycor (County Antrim)
Ballyculter (County Down)
Ballyhalbert or St Andrews (County Down)
Ballykinler (County Down)
Ballylinny (County Antrim)
Ballymartin (County Antrim)
Ballymoney (Counties Antrim and Londonderry)
Ballymore (County Armagh)
Ballymyre (County Armagh)
Ballynascreen (County Londonderry)
Ballynure (County Antrim)
Ballyphilip (County Down)
Ballyrashane (Counties Antrim and Londonderry)
Ballyscullion (Counties Antrim and Londonderry)
Ballytrustan (County Down)
Ballywalter (County Down)
Ballywillin (Counties Antrim and Londonderry)
Balteagh (County Londonderry)
Banagher (County Londonderry)
Bangor (County Down)
Belleek (County Fermanagh)
Billy (County Antrim)
Blaris (Counties Antrim and Down)
Bodoney Lower (County Tyrone)
Bodoney Upper (County Tyrone)
Boho (County Fermanagh)
Bovevagh (County Londonderry)
Bright (County Down)


Camlin (County Antrim)
Camus (County Tyrone)
Cappagh (County Tyrone)
Carncastle (County Antrim)
Carnmoney (County Antrim)
Carnteel (County Tyrone)
Carrick (County Londonderry)
Carrickfergus or St Nicholas' (County Antrim)
Castleboy (County Down)
Cleenish (County Fermanagh)
Clogher (Counties Fermanagh and Tyrone)
Clogherny (County Tyrone)
Clonallan (County Down)
Clondermot (County Londonderry)
Clonduff (County Down)
Clones (County Fermanagh)
Clonfeacle (Counties Armagh and Tyrone)
Clonoe (County Tyrone)
Coleraine (County Londonderry)
Comber (County Down)
Connor (County Antrim)
Craigs (County Antrim)
Cranfield (County Antrim)
Creggan (County Armagh)
Culfeightrin (County Antrim)
Cumber Lower (County Londonderry)
Cumber Upper (County Londonderry)
Currin (County Fermanagh)


Derryaghy (County Antrim)
Derrybrusk (County Fermanagh)
Derrykeighan (County Antrim)
Derryloran (Counties Londonderry and Tyrone)
Derrynoose (County Armagh)
Derryvullan (County Fermanagh)
Desertcreat (County Tyrone)
Desertlyn (County Londonderry)
Desertmartin (County Londonderry)
Desertoghill (County Londonderry)
Devenish (County Fermanagh)
Donacavey (County Tyrone)
Donaghadee (County Down)
Donaghcloney (County Down)
Donaghedy (County Tyrone)
Donaghenry (County Tyrone)
Donaghmore (County Down)
Donaghmore (County Tyrone)
Donegore (County Antrim)
Down (County Down)
Dromara (County Down)
Dromore (County Down)
Dromore (County Tyrone)
Drumachose (County Londonderry)
Drumballyroney (County Down)
Drumbeg (Counties Antrim and Down)
Drumbo (County Down)
Drumcree (County Armagh)
Drumgath (County Down)
Drumglass (County Tyrone)
Drumgooland (County Down)
Drumkeeran (County Fermanagh)
Drummaul (Counties Antrim and Down)
Drummully (County Fermanagh)
Drumragh (County Tyrone)
Dunaghy (County Antrim)
Dunboe (County Londonderry)
Dundonald (County Down)
Duneane (County Antrim)
Dungiven (County Londonderry)
Dunluce (County Antrim)
Dunsfort (County Down)


Eglish (County Armagh)
Enniskillen (County Fermanagh)
Errigal (County Londonderry)
Errigal Keerogue (County Tyrone)
Errigal Trough (County Tyrone)


Faughanvale (County Londonderry)
Finvoy (County Antrim)
Forkill (County Armagh)
Formoyle (County Londonderry)


Galloon (County Fermanagh)
Garvaghy (County Down)
Glenavy (County Antrim)
Glenwhirry (County Antrim)
Glynn (County Antrim)
Grange (County Armagh)
Grange of Doagh (County Antrim)
Grange of Drumtullagh (County Antrim)
Grange of Dundermot (County Antrim)
Grange of Inispollan (County Antrim)
Grange of Killyglen (County Antrim)
Grange of Layd (County Antrim)
Grange of Muckamore (County Antrim)
Grange of Nilteen (County Antrim)
Grange of Scullion (Counties Antrim and Londonderry)
Grange of Shilvodan (County Antrim)
Grey Abbey (County Down)


Hillsborough (County Down)
Holywood (County Down)


Inch (County Down)
Inishargy (County Down)
Inishmacsaint (County Fermanagh)
Inver (County Antrim)
Island Magee (County Antrim)


Jonesborough (County Armagh)


Keady (County Armagh)
Kilbride (County Antrim)
Kilbroney (County Down)
Kilclief (County Down)
Kilclooney (County Armagh)
Kilcoo (County Down)
Kilcronaghan (County Londonderry)
Kildarton (County Armagh)
Kildollagh (Counties Antrim and Londonderry)
Kildress (County Tyrone)
Kilkeel (County Down)
Killagan (County Antrim)
Killaney (County Down)
Killead (County Antrim)
Killeeshil (County Tyrone)
Killelagh (County Londonderry)
Killesher (County Fermanagh)
Killevy (County Armagh)
Killinchy (County Down)
Killowen (County Londonderry)
Killyleagh (County Down)
Killyman (Counties Armagh and Tyrone)
Kilmegan (County Down)
Kilmood (County Down)
Kilmore (County Armagh)
Kilmore (County Down)
Kilraghts (County Antrim)
Kilrea (County Londonderry)
Kilroot (County Antrim)
Kilskeery (County Tyrone)
Kilwaughter (County Antrim)
Kinawley (County Fermanagh)
Kirkinriola (County Antrim)
Knockbreda (County Down)


Lambeg (Counties Antrim and Down)
Larne (County Antrim)
Layd (County Antrim)
Learmount (Counties Londonderry and Tyrone)
Leckpatrick (County Tyrone)
Lisnadill (County Armagh)
Lissan (Counties Londonderry and Tyrone)
Longfield East (County Tyrone)
Longfield West (County Tyrone)
Loughgall (County Armagh)
Loughgilly (County Armagh)
Loughguile (County Antrim)
Loughinisland (County Down)


Mascosquin (County Londonderry)
Maghera (County Down)
Maghera (County Londonderry)
Magheracross (Counties Fermanagh and Tyrone)
Magheraculmoney (County Fermanagh)
Magheradrool (County Down)
Magherafelt (County Londonderry)
Magheragall (County Antrim)
Magherahamlet (County Down)
Magheralin (Counties Armagh and Down)
Magherally (County Down)
Magheramesk (County Antrim)
Magilligan (County Londonderry)
Moira (County Down)
Montiaghs (County Armagh)
Mullaghbrack (County Armagh)


Newry (Counties Armagh and Down)
Newtownards (County Down)
Newtown Cromellin (County Antrim)
Newtownhamilton (County Armagh)


Pomeroy (County Tyrone)
Portglenone (County Antrim)


Racavan (County Antrim)
Raloo (County Antrim)
Rasharkin (County Antrim)
Rashee (County Antrim)
Rathlin Island (County Antrim)
Rathmullan (County Down)
Romoan (County Antrim)
Rossory (County Fermanagh)


St. Andrews or Ballyhalbert (County Down)
Saintfield (County Down)
Saul (County Down)
Seagoe (County Armagh)
Seapatrick (County Down)
Shankill (County Antrim)
Shankill (Counties Armagh and Down)
Skerry (County Antrim)
Slanes (County Down)


Tamlaght (Counties Londonderry and Tyrone)
Tamlaght Finlagan (County Londonderry)
Tamlaght O'Crilly (County Londonderry)
Tartaraghan (County Armagh)
Templecarn (County Fermanagh)
Templecorran (County Antrim)
Templemore (County Londonderry)
Templepatrick (County Antrim)
Termonamongan (County Tyrone)
Termoneeny (County Londonderry)
Termonmaguirk (County Tyrone)
Tickmacrevan (County Antrim)
Tomregan (County Fermanagh)
Trory (County Fermanagh)
Tullylish (County Down)
Tullynakill (County Down)
Tullyniskan (County Tyrone)
Tullyrusk (County Antrim)
Tynan (County Armagh)
Tyrella (County Down)


Urney (County Tyrone)


Warrenpoint (County Down)